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AwareID™ Adaptive Authentication.

Undeniable authentication at every point of entry and exit.

AwareID™ Adaptive Authentication.

The key to environmental security can never be duplicated

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Keeping physical environments safe and secure has never been more important than it is today. From an employer, employee, or public perspective, the demand for top-level security begins and ends with undeniable authentication at every point of entry and exit. Only AwareID™ and its biometric technologies—face, fingerprint, iris or voice—can truly guarantee that access is being granted to those who have permission.

AwareID™ authenticates personnel by their unique biological markers, allowing access and availability to controlled and critical areas. Once set, a person’s biometric “key” cannot be duplicated, lost, stolen, or hacked—providing the highest form of access security, management, and accountability. AwareID™ isn’t limited to the boundaries of the physical world. Access to digital networks, programs, and critical systems is also protected from unwanted users and invasion.

Powerfully smart, simply implemented, unconditionally supported. It’s never been easier to confidently say “Access granted.”

Product Benefits

AwareID™ and its biological passcodes provides a controlled, trackable, and accountable system of entry and exit, crucial for the well-being of everyone.

Iris Recognition
  • Quickly identifies and authenticates using advanced biometric technology
  • Integrates seamlessly into your existing programs and platforms
  • Cloud-based—eliminating costly IT set-up time and expense
  • Intuitive and easy-to-use
  • Offers an undeniable security solution throughout your organization




No Skills Needed


AwareID™ uses next-generation adaptive authentication to overcome ingrained problems that cause:

Now is the time to improve company security, increase fraud prevention, and control loss of assets and general downtime.

It’s time to Authenticate. Manage. And Control.